Herbicides for nuisance aquatic plant management

What are aquatic weeds?

Aquatic weeds are undesirable plants that grow so profusely as to crowd out more desirable growth or detract in some way from the usefulness, value, and/or appearance of a water body.

Why use an herbicide?

Overabundant vegetation can adversely affect aquatic life; impede industrial, agricultural, recreational or domestic water use; and destroy aesthetic values. Applied Biochemists® herbicides provide a fast and economical choice to eliminate troublesome weeds.

Which product to use?

Herbicides vary in type of plant controlled, active ingredient, use sites, formulation, application rate, water use restrictions, dilution requirements, and permit requirements. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

Our Line of Aquatic Herbicides

Non-selective control of common aquatic weeds

Fast-acting contact herbicide

Fast-acting duckweed and watermeal relief

For selective control of unwanted aquatic plants

Easy to apply granules for invasive aquatic plants

For selective control of nuisance aquatic plants

Controls copper-sensitive plants without water use restrictions

Controls copper-sensitive plants without water use restrictions

Ideal for tolerant weeds in irrigation canals

Weed control in a stabilized formula for irrigation

Herbicide for shoreline plants

Herbicide with an added surfactant for shoreline plants

2.4x more concentrated than the original dye, shades out underwater growth

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth

Download the Product Catalog

For more information on our aquatic vegetation management products, download our Product Catalog for the full range of Applied Biochemists® products.