Eliminate toxin-producing algae and cyanobacteria

What are algae?

Algae are small organisms which spread rapidly through flowing water, wind, or on living organisms, causing cloudy water, a scum on the water surface, and/or thick mats that may be both underwater and floating on the water’s surface.

Why use an algaecide?

A complete water management program including prevention, treatment and follow-up is key to success. Applied Biochemists® algaecides provide a fast and economical choice to eliminate troublesome algae.

Which product to use?

Algaecides vary in type of algae controlled, active ingredient, use sites, formulation, application rate, water use restrictions, dilution requirements, and permit requirements. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

Our Line of Aquatic Algaecides

Fast results on a broad range of algae

Granular algaecide for bottom-growing algae

Easy to use, controls underwater algae

Ultra concentrated dye for underwater algae control

Non-copper algae control

Powerful results on tough-to-kill algae

Easy drop hose application in drinking water applications

Algae control, ideal for irrigation canals

Algae control in a stabilized formula for irrigation

Broad range of algae control

Download the Product Catalog

For more information on our aquatic vegetation management products, download our Product Catalog for the full range of Applied Biochemists® products.