Beautify water with lake and pond colorants

What is a colorant?

Lake and pond colorants are a mixture of concentrated dyes, blended to improve the aesthetic beauty of your water.

Why use a colorant?

Applied Biochemists® colorants disperse quickly, improving the appearance of murky, off-colored water.

Which product to use?

Colorants are available in liquids or water-soluble packs. We also offer Aquashade® Dyes, registered to control under water plants.

Our Line of Aquatic Colorants

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth

2.4x more concentrated, shades out underwater growth

Aqua-blue pond dye in a water-soluble pouch

A Beautifying, Black, Water-Tint Solution

Liquid blue pond colorant to beautify water

Concentrated blue dye to beautify water

Download the Product Catalog

For more information on our aquatic vegetation management products, download our Product Catalog for the full range of Applied Biochemists® products.