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Biological Products
             Quality Products for Water Quality
Biological Products are the natural way to help clear water and digest organic matter.  While biological products cannot kill aquatic plant growth, these products are of assistance in restoring the natural balance when used with herbicides and/or algaecides. Adding bacteria and enzymes to a pond will help degrade organic materials and reduce the nutrients available for plant growth.  Always read product label prior to use.   Be sure to comply with all government regulations for use.  Always refer to product labels and

MSDS for information about specific products.  Always read product label prior to use.  Please select from the biological products below for detailed product information and specification labels.  These files are in PDF file format and require a PDF reader to view.


Natural Enzyme Septic Tank Cleaner digests the common organic wastes from humans, animals and plants to control odors, reduce septic tank pumpouts, reduce drain field glazing, improve percolation and speed composting.  Application rate for septic tanks is 2 ounces per 500 gallon tank capacity.

Download the Septictrine® specimen label  (51 KB PDF)